7 Trucking Blogs All Truckers Should Read

Driving a truck can be a lonely and isolated job and to promote career longevity, it is important to be in touch with things that will help you drive and keep your mind and body engaged in your job. Fortunately, there are personal and industry blogs that point the way to these resources. This article will talk about seven current and popular blogs that may have topics of interest to drivers.

1. Real Women In Trucking Blog

Real Women in Trucking was an advocacy group started in 2010 to address issues specific to women drivers that were not being addressed by the trucking industry. Their mission is to mentor qualified women truck drivers and help them access quality jobs and services that will help them. The blog features posts on events of interest to female drivers, harassment, CDL training, and trucking loads and jobs, among other things.

2. The Daily Rant

Written by a woman truck driver and maintained since 2005, this blog is more for entertainment and tips. It reads like a personal travel journal, so it’s interesting and educational. She’s even been published in the Guardian. Examples of her topics include different states she got through, her family, and lots of photos.

3. Daniel S. Bridger Trucking Blog

After over 30 years as a driver and trainer, the author has a wealth of information to share with even another seasoned driver. He also talks about the details of owning and running a business.

4. Trucker Dump

This blog and podcast cover a driver’s insights into the industry and other random thought he wants to “dump” on you. The author has been driving since 1997 both solo and on a team. The most written about topics include trucking industry, trucker life, trucker stories, and trucker safety.

5. Ask The Trucker

This is a blog kept by the man behind the Truth About Trucking website, Allen Smith. He has over 30 experience driving and has been an owner, manager, and driver. His blog includes reports about charity efforts, legislation, and advocacy, and provides resources for you to educate yourself beyond that site.

6. Real Truck Driver

The author of this blog is a driver who has worked for five different truck companies since 1999. This blog features a large variety of topics, including industry news and relevant legislation, as well as topics on safety and even some fun topics, like the best roadside attractions or the best songs to listen to.

7. Automotive Fleet

The is the market trends blog of the automotive fleet website. The author of this blog has over 20 years experience as a driver and a manager, and the blog itself has been maintained for almost two decades. Popular topics include tools that help with fleet management and safety.

As a driver, with so much of your time committed to your work, your personal time is precious and finding ways to maximize it may be challenging. Hopefully, following these blogs will make that easier for you.

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